We offer a variety of types of clinics on numerous classes. We can conduct lecture only, demonstration lecture or hands on clinics with your horse. Clinics Demonstrations and Lectures can be held at your facility or ours. Please contact us ahead of time to schedule.

Types available:                                            Classes Offered:

-Single Day                                                    - Showmanship

-Multi-Day                                                     - Horsemanship & Equitation

-Camps                                                         - Pleasure (Western & Hunter Under Saddle)

-Single or multi classes at each                     - Trail

                                                                    - Reining

                                                                    - All Ranch Horse classes

                                                                    - Western Riding

                                                                    - Pleasure Driving

                                                                    - Contest (Gymkhana)

                                                                    - Fences

                                                                    - Cutting & Working Cow Horse

                                                                    - Roping




Tony Kennedy Performance Horses

at Lonesome Oak Ranch